Best Free AI Presentation Makers | Top 5 in 2024 (Tested!)


Ugh, another presentation? Staring at a blank slide deck giving you the blues? Don’t sweat it!

If you’re tired of wrestling with boring designs, lack of inspiration, or tight deadlines, AI-powered presentation software has got your back.

In this article, we will save you the hassle of figuring out which one is the best on the market and bring you to the top 5 free AI presentation makers – all tested and presented in front of the audience.

Best Free AI Presentation Makers | Top 5 in 2024 (Tested!)

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#1. Plus AI – Free AI Presentation Maker For Beginners

👍Are you a complete beginner who doesn’t know any Google Slides alternativePlus AI (an extension for Google Slides) could be a good option.

Best Free AI Presentation Makers | Top 5 in 2024 (Tested!)
Image: Google Workspace

✔️Free plan available

✅Plus AI’s Best Features

  • AI-powered design and content suggestions: Plus AI helps you create slides by suggesting layouts, text, and visuals based on your input. This can significantly save time and effort, especially for those who aren’t design experts.
  • Easy to use: The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible even for beginners.
  • Seamless Google Slides integration: Plus AI works directly within Google Slides, eliminating the need to switch between different tools.
  • Variety of features: Offers various features like AI-powered editing tools, custom themes, diverse slide layouts, and remote control capabilities.


  • Limited customization: While AI suggestions help, the level of customization might be limited compared to traditional design tools.
  • Content suggestions are not always perfect: AI suggestions can sometimes miss the mark or be irrelevant. The time spent to generate content is also slower than other tools.
  • Not ideal for complex presentations: For highly technical or data-heavy presentations, there might be better choices than Plus AI.

If you want to create professional presentations without spending too much time, Plus AI is a great tool to use. It has an easy-to-use interface and many useful features. However, if you need to make complicated customizations, consider other options.

#2. AhaSlides – Free AI Presentation Maker For Audience Engagement

👍AhaSlides turns presentations from monologues into lively conversations. It’s a fantastic option for classrooms, workshops, or anywhere you want to keep your audience on their toes and invested in your content.

Best Free AI Presentation Makers | Top 5 in 2024 (Tested!)

How AhaSlides Works

AhaSlides’ AI slide maker will create a variety of interactive content from your topic. Just put a few words on the prompt generator, and watch the magic appear. Whether it’s a formative assessment for your class or an icebreaker for company meetings, this AI-powered tool can sure meet the demands.How AhaSlides’ free AI presentation maker work


✔️Free plan available

✅AhaSlides’ Best Features

  • Wide range of audience engagement features: Your audience won’t ever get bored with AhaSlides’ polls, quizzes, Q&A sessions, word cloud, spinner wheel, and more coming in 2024.
  • The AI feature is easy to use: It’s Google Slides’ level of easy so don’t worry about the learning curve. (Pro tip: You can put on self-paced mode in ‘Settings’ and embed the presentation everywhere on the Internet to let people join and see).
  • Affordable pricing: You can create an unlimited number of presentations just for the free plan. Even the paid plan’s prices are unbeatable if you compare AhaSlides to other interactive presentation software out there.
  • Real-time data and results: With AhaSlides, you get real-time feedback through polls and quizzes. Export the data for deeper analysis, and participants can see their results too. It’s a win-win for engagement and learning!
  • Customization options: Allows personalization of presentations with themes, layouts, and branding to match your style.
  • Integration: AhaSlides integrates with Google Slides and PowerPoint. You can stay in your comfort zone with ease!


  • Free plan limitations: The free plan’s max audience size is 15 (see: Pricing).
  • Limited customization: Don’t get us wrong – AhaSlides offers some great templates to use right away, but they could’ve added more or have an option where you can turn the presentation to your brand’s color.
Best Free AI Presentation Makers | Top 5 in 2024 (Tested!)

3/ Slidesgo – Free AI Presentation Maker For Stunning Design

👍 If you need stunning pre-designed presentations, go for Slidesgo. It’s been here for a long time, and always deliver on-the-point end result.

✔️Free plan available

✅Slidesgo’s Best Features:

  • Extensive template collection: This is probably what Slidesgo is best known for. They have static templates that cater to every need.
  • AI assistant: It works like AhaSlides, you type the prompt and it will generate slides. You can choose the language, tone and design.
  • Easy customization: You can adjust colors, fonts, and imagery within the templates while maintaining their overall design aesthetic.
  • Integration with Google Slides: Exporting to Google Slides is a popular choice by many users.


  • Limited free customization: While you can customize elements, the extent of freedom might not match what dedicated design tools offer.
  • AI design suggestions lack depth: The AI suggestions for layouts and visuals can be helpful, but they might not always perfectly align with your desired style or specific needs.
  • Requires paid plan when exporting files in PPTX format: It is what it is. No freebies for my fellow PPT users out there ;(.

Slidesgo excels in providing stunning, pre-designed presentation templates, making it ideal for individuals seeking a quick and easy way to create beautiful presentations without extensive design experience. However, if you need complete design control or highly intricate visuals, exploring alternative tools with deeper customization options might be better.

4/ Presentations.AI – Free AI Presentation Maker For Data Visualization

👍If you’re looking for a free AI maker that is good for data visualization, Presentations.AI is a potential option. 

Best Free AI Presentation Makers | Top 5 in 2024 (Tested!)

✔️Free plan available

✅Presentations.AI’s Best Features:

  • AI assistant: They assign a nostalgic character as your AI assistant to help you with the slides (hint: it’s from Windows 97).
  • Google Data Studio integration: Connects seamlessly with Google Data Studio for more advanced data visualization and storytelling.
  • AI-powered data presentation suggestions: Suggests layouts and visuals based on your data, potentially saving time and effort.


  • Limited free plan: The free plan restricts access to features like custom branding, advanced design options, and data imports beyond basic sheets.
  • Basic data visualization capabilities: Compared to dedicated data visualization tools, options might need to be more customizable.
  • Requires account creation: Using the platform requires creating an account.

Presentation.AI can be a viable option for simple data visualizations within presentations, especially if budget is a concern and you’re comfortable with its limitations. 

5/  PopAi – Free AI Presentation Maker From Text 

👍I encountered this app from the paid ad section on Google. It turned out better than I’d imagined…

Best Free AI Presentation Makers | Top 5 in 2024 (Tested!)

PopAi uses ChatGPT to generate prompts. As an AI presentation maker, it’s very straightforward and guides you immediately to the good stuff.

✔️Free plan available

✅PopAi’s Best Features:

  • Create a presentation in 1 minute: It’s like ChatGPT but in the form of a fully functional presentation. With PopAi, you can effortlessly turn ideas into PowerPoint slides. Just input your topic and it will craft slides with customizable outlines, smart layouts and automatic illustrations.
  • On-demand image generation: PopAi has the ability to masterfully generate images on command. It provides access to image prompts and generation codes.


  • Limited free plan: The free plan doesn’t include AI-image generation, unfortunately. You will need to upgrade if you want to use the GPT-4 version.
  • Restricted designs: There are templates available, but not sufficient for my use.

Best Free AI Presentation Maker?

If you’re reading up to this point (or jumped to this section), here’s my take on the best AI presentation maker based on ease of use and the usefulness of the AI-generated content on the presentation (that means minimum re-editing required)👇

AI presentation maker Use cases Ease of use Usefulness
Plus AI Best as a Google slide extension 4/5 (minus 1 because it took time to generate slides) 3/5 (need to twist a bit here and there for the design)
AhaSlides AI Best for AI-powered audience engagement activities 4/5 (minus 1 because the AI didn’t design the slides for you) 4/5 (very useful if you want to make quizzes, surveys and engagement activities)
Slidesgo Best for AI-design presentation 4.5/5 4/5 (short, concise, straight to the point. Use this combined with AhaSlides for a touch of interactivity!)
Presentations.AI Best for data-powered visualization 3.5/5 (takes the most time out of these 5 software) 4/5 (Like Slidesgo, the business templates would help you save heaps of time)
PopAi Best for AI presentation from text 3/5 (customization is very limited) 3/5 (It’s a nice experience, but these tools above have better flexibility and function)

A comparison chart of the best free AI presentation makers

Hope this helps you save time, energy and budget. And remember, the purpose of an AI presentation maker is to help you alleviate the workload, not add more to it. Have fun exploring these AI tools!

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